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The Ashland City Band, directed by Don Bieghler and sponsored by the city of Ashland, Oregon, presents an annual series of "concerts in the park" every summer. The concerts take place at the Butler Band Shell in Ashland's beautiful Lithia Park every Thursday from late June until early August. After having the concerts begin at 7:30 pm for many years, during the latter part of the 2011 season there were some complications with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the concert times were moved up to 7:00. The vast majority of audience comments approved the earlier concert time, so for the entire 2012 season the concerts will begin at 7:00 pm. The ACB also leads the Independence Day Parade through Ashland and plays a concert at the band shell in the early afternoon. (If July 4th occurs on a Thursday, there is no concert that evening.) Concerts are free and a variety of pre-concert entertainment groups play each week, usually beginning at about 6:00. Bring the family, bring a picnic, bring a friend, and enjoy these free concerts this summer.

For audio samples of the band performing, load the August 7, 2004 program and click on the selection(s) you would like to hear. NOTE: if the music does not play, check your browser settings to make sure it will allow you to play MP3 files. A failure to play can also be caused by a setting to block pop-up windows.

In the News

The Ashland City Band has its own march: "The Ashland City Band March" composed in 2002 by euphonium player and webmaster Norman Rowe. Click the link to see the story and hear the 8/7/2008 performance.

  The Ashland City Band invites you to attend our Thursday evening concerts during the 2013 season from June 20 through August 15 at the Butler Band Shell in Lithia Park.  

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